City/State/Country Page


One of our main page “Photo Spot Page” which showcase inspirational photo with other information such as geo location and about the photographer became the dead end point of our site. Users were dropping off from this page.

Figuring out the goals

In order to tackle this problem precisely, we went back to take a look at the persona and the flow of landscape photographers further and tried to understand how the product can create the supportive experience for them.

Some common features of landscape photographers:

  • They like to explore the world geographically.
  • They are always looking for inspiration.
  • They are looking for people who they possibly can go take photos together.

Common flow for landscape photographers:

  1. Look for inspirational photos. (What)
  2. When they find the inspirational photo, research about the location. (Where)
  3. Based on the inpirational photo and the location, research when is the best time to shoot the photo like time of the day, any particular season, when there is more possibility to capture great photo. (When)
  4. After figureing out these main information, they start planning on possible trip to the location. But before deciding to go to the location, they want to know if there are more inspirational spots around the area. (Research)
  5. Often times if the location is unknown location for the photographer, it is safer to go with other photographer who knows about the location. Therefore search for people who have been there before (Connect with others)
  6. Actually planning on making a trip to do photo shoot.
Setting clear goals
  • Create a sustainable information flow within the site.
  • Provide users ways to explore more.
  • Provide “City/State/Country page” that a user can explore into from “Photo Spot Page” which results in dead end of the flow.
  • After a user lands on “City/State/Country page”, user wants to explore further around the specific area. Provide more photo spots information.
  • User can explore a specific landmark but different photo spot locations (locations that photographer take the photo from).