Landing Page


Pashadelic had a long single page landing previously to introduce our product and our business.

Although we wanted to have users get curious about us by understanding what we do, the bounce rate of our landing page was very high.

Understand users better

In order to understand our users, their motivations, and expectations, we conducted user research.


Some key elements we understood about our users’ characteristics.

  • They like to explore.
  • They are active.
  • They are always looking for inspiration.
  • They are looking for other photographers to connect.
AB testing

After incorporating all the components that can drive the motivation of our users, I designed two versions of landing pages.

1. Collage with different photos.

Intention is to show inspirational photos up front on landing page and make users to want to explore more.


2. One big feature photo that is around the users’ area.

Intention is to show inspirational photo but that is relevant to the users’ location, so a user will feel locality and connectivity to the community.

Design decision based on data

Design decision should always be made by data if possible. I as a designer definitely use my instinct, intuition, and experiences to make a design. However it can always be wrong or by using data, it is possible to make a right decision that can result the desired effect.


Winner is Single Photo Landing Page!

From our landing page AB testing, we got 4% better sign-up rate for single photo landing page vs. photo collage page.


Visual Challenges

Once we figured out which direction to take, I as a designer encountered some difficulty. It was not possible for us to guess what kind of photo will be inserted for this landing page.

Because the photo was pulled from our database by popularity + nearby location of the user, it was not possible to predict at all.

In order to make sure all the components will work, I experimented with various photos with different colors, brightness, and composition.