My name is Kyoko.


I am a User Experience and Product designer with passion for visual design. I love helping bridging the communication for people. As a designer, this is my mission to help people communicate.


I have worked in agile environment providing rapid prototyping and collaborating with teams to ship the product quickly. When I design, I try to maximize the sustainability and scalability of the design throughout the product’s life cycle.


Now I live in San Francisco, a beautiful city with lots of diversity. I love surrounding myself with many different people with different professions to encounter so many unknown things for myself.


More of my detail experiences can be viewed from here.

My Skills

UX Design

UX Design to me is shaping conversational flow between people and an interface or system. This conversation might be visual, contextual, or none verbal. By understanding people, it is possible to create this conversation more effective, fluid, and holistic.

Product Design

Understanding the business goal and maximizing the user experience, product design includes conceptual design, information architecture and working closely with back end engineers. I work well in collaborative environment where teams share the product vision and create the great product together.

Visual Design

Visual design definitely influences people’s experiences. I enjoy working with typography, color, and right visual elements to create cohesive product throughout people’s experiences.

Other facts about me


I love working with personal projects and trying things out by joining hackathon events.


  • IBM Sponsor Prize Winner – Developer Week 2015 Hackathon
  • Evernote Sponsor Prize Winner – Developer Week 2014 Hackathon

Philosophy on design and technology

I consider technology is for people to make people’s lives better. Design is something that will enhance the accessibility of technology for people.


Although technology moves very fast, accessibility and adoption of technology don’t move as fast in reality by the end users. Often times, people in special needs or people in less developed countries and older generations get excluded in this process.


I as a designer, would like to dedicate my insights and skills to enhance the experiences for all people. Technology is not only for people who have access to it and fast adopters. I think keeping the effort of inclusion is important and produces values in many aspects in a long run, and the way to thrive as a whole. This is my approach to design in a bigger picture.

Other special skills

  • Japanese
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Aerial acrobatics
  • Hand balancing